English Class

“Okay, you can make your own shopping list for mother’s day celebration now!” Asked Mrs. Jane.
The students start to write, although some of them look confused.
“Mrs! I can write anything, right?” Asked Billy, suddenly.
“Sure. Anything you want to buy for your mother”
“How about Softex?”
“Huh? Oh, Billy! Come on… You can choose another precious gift”
“Well, a car?”
“That’s perfect!”
Billy then continue his shopping list.
“Mam! I’ve finished!” Tiara yelled.
“Let me check it” answer Mrs. Jane.
Tiara gives her book.
“Good. Wait for your friends” Mrs. Jane returns Tiara’s book.
Almost half of the class finished.
Don, the laziest student start to rush.
“How many thing you have wrote?” “Ten”
“I’m twenty!”
Don takes Clara’s. He copies some of things on her shopping list. Then he takes Billy’s, Karen’s, Mike’s…
“Yes! I got thirty!” He screamed.
“Mrs! Don is cheating!” Told Tiara.
Mrs. Jane only smile.
Then, she writes some questions on the white board and asks the class to answer them. Every student is busying answer the question, except Don. He’s just waiting for the others then copying their answers.
“Time’s up. Harry, please help me collect the books!”
Harry, the chairman does the order quickly.

Two days later, on the next english lesson. Mrs. Jane bring a box to the class.
The students feel curious.
“What is that?”
“A gift for me?”
“Open it, Mam!”
Mrs. Jane smiled.
“Keep calm, class!”
“I have two presents in this box and I’ll give them to Don and Clara! Give applause!”
Both of them accept the gift happily.
“But, Mrs! Don cheated!” Billy protested. Mrs. Jane only smile at him. Then, she explain “I only score the answers of those five questions not the items in your shopping list. Why?”
“Because by checking the answers you will know either the students cheated or not.” Clara replied.
“That’s true! So the gifts actually for the best and the worst”

Don looks so sad. He got two in english assignment.
“Now, it’s time to discuss the best answer class! Look at your own shopping list.”
Every student pay attention to their book.

“Okay, the first question is ‘What kind of text is it?”
“Shopping list!” The students answered together.

“Number two, ‘What is the most expensive thing in your shopping list?’ Err… What is your answer Billy?”
“An airplane, Mam!” Billy replied.
“Wow! Fantastic! How about you Nana?”
“The most expensive thing is a gold necklace”
“Very nice!”
“Mam, mam!” Koko raise his hand.
Mrs. Jane let him to answer.
“I will give my mom a house with a pool and a garden inside.”

The third, fourth and last question had been already answered. Don knew now, why Mrs. Jane gave him bad score.
“I’m sorry for being cheated, Mam. I promise you, I won’t do that again”
“I’m happy finally you realize that cheating is not good for you and also for the others” Mrs. Jane look at the students.
“So, this is a gift for you, I hope you will study harder, dear”
Don receive then open it.
“A pocket dictionary! Wow! Thanks Mam!” Don looks so happy. Start from now he will do the task and homework by himself.

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