Puisikah ini?

Can’t You See?

I’m a girl, staying in a castle
Surrounded by the pillar
Wrapped by the naked skin

The commoners call me lady
But I felt nobody

Can’t you see?
My soul needs to get free
But my body imprisons me

How poor you are
Who think that beauty is the only
Diamonds are the purely

Can’t you see?
Happiness is so simply
As long as you can full fill your stomach with some spicy
And your life with the lovely

Oh, Lord
I wanna break free
Like a bird from the broken birdcage
Leave all my bored life and find the new tree

Can’t you see?
I’m an angel without the wing
Miss the grass and the spring
Feel the wind and then breathing

But this life like only crook
Such a bed or the red carpet
Give the pain and the damned lust
And cursed me as the prettiest slut

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