Andara and Fish

Few month ago before Andara got two, i took her to the traditional market to buy some daily food. We saw many people there. Some of them sold vegetables, fruits, clothes, meats, and fish.

We walked along the road to buy some vegetables and fish. Andara looked so happy, she asked me many questions by using her limited vocabularies.

When we reached at the fish seller, she was really excited. She keep talking and asking. “Wow, there are many fishes!” or “What fish is that?” and “Whoa, the fish is swimming!” and when she watched some fishes which were just out of the pool she suddenly said “Mom, look! The fish is singing!”

At that time, I little bit confused. ‘What? A singing fish?’ and then I rememberred that we loved to lip sync some songs. Yeah, you know it. Pretending that we are the singer, but in fact we just imitating the real one by opening our mouth without any sound.

“You are right, girl! The fish is singing. What song is it? Can you hear that?” I stimulated her to talk.

“Emm… Frozen! Let it go… Let it go…” she started singing and I just smiling at her. Really love you my little angel…. 🙂

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