Descriptive Class

“Good afternoon, class!”
Mr. Jones greeted

“Good afternoon, Sir!”
Students replied.

“Today we’re going to talk about places at our school. Let’s make five group of students.”

Then, Mr. Jones let the leader of each group chose one piece of paper that written places at school, such as library, canteen, mosque, teachers room, students toilet, laboratory, etc.

“Okay. Every group had been chosen their lucky paper. Group one, what is yours?” Asked Mr. Jones.

“Laboratory, Sir!” Tony answered.

“The second?”

“Canteen!” They yelled happily.

“Students’ Toilet” yuck!


“Teachers’ room” answer the last group.

“Very well. Then what you have to do is make a descriptive text about the places.”

“A descriptive text?”

“Yes, a text that describe about something. Which is a thing that you know it so well. Such as your classroom, your bag, your pet, even your mother”

“Could you tell us how to write the text?” Ben asked

“Sure. First of all, you have to introduce the object which you want to describe. For example, ‘Hello, friends! I would like to tell you about my favorite place at school. It is my classroom, class Seven One’ and then you can write the description or characteristic or the condition about the object. ‘Is it large or small? Clean or dirty? and etc’” Mr. Jones explained.

“Hmm.. So, it means that before we write a descriptive text at least we can do a small observation to make it more detail. Is that true, Sir?”

“Yes. You can also do that while you write the text, Lana”

“So, can we go to the canteen now, Sir?” The giant student asked and then laugh.

“Oh, my big boy. You must be so hungry now but I only give you and your group a permission to observe, sit, discuss, and write the text there. Not to taste the foods. I’m sorry” Mr. Jones giggled.

“Now, I’ll give you fifteen minutes to observe the places, take some notes about the place, and then you can back in your class and start to write your descriptive text. You got it guys?”

“Yes, Captain!” The students replied and run to their own object.

Mr. Jones visited each group about 3 to 5 minutes. Take noted about the students’ group working and then waited in the class to prepare some papers and pictures about places at school. When the groups came back to the class, they had a paper and a picture to make their text more adorable.

“So, now please write your text in this paper, stick on the picture on it to make it more attractive. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“30 minutes from now!”

The students looked so busy, some of them write the text easily, the others keep looking at the dictionary, another cheated the other groups but everybody was happy.

“Time’s up class! It’s time to show off your project. Who wants to be volunteer?”

“Sir! Canteen, Sir!”

“Yes, ladies and gentelmen please welcome the Canteen group!”

“Ehm, Hi! Hello! Ehm, friends! We are from canteen and we would like to tell you about our favorite place at school. It is canteen. Our canteen is wide and tidy. We can see many students bla… bla… bla… That’s all. Thankyou”

“Yeah! Every student give applause to Canteen group. Next, how about toilet?”

“Mr. Jones! It’s disgusting. Eat and then flush? But that’s okay!”

Each group told to their friends about their favorite place at school.

Then, they put on the text on the white board. They gave comments and compliments about their friends text…

“Well, today we had learn about descriptive text. Who can tell me what kind of text is it? Yes, Zaza?”

“A text that used to describe something, like familiar place, animal, thing, person…”

“Very nice, Zaza… and who can tell me the generic structure of a descriptive text?”

“It must have an introduction and description, Sir?” Mike answered uncertainly.

“Wow! That’s true Mike!”

“What about the language features? The tenses?”

“A simple present tense, Sir!”

“What a wonderful answer, Tom! Okay, write the conclusion on your note book and see you tomorrow everybody!”

“See you later, Sir! Thank you!”

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